April is oral cancer awareness month. Now is the time to make an appointment with Cardinal Dental Group to have yourself professionally screened for this devastating disease. Your dentist is able to detect abnormalities in your mouth, which is why it’s important to maintain regular visits. When a visual clinical exam shows areas of suspicion, your dentist is able to take a closer look using the Oral ID technology. OralID is a revolutionary new weapon in the fight against oral cancer. Let’s take a look at Oral ID and what exactly it brings to the table in terms of detecting oral cancer and preserving your overall oral health.

How Oral ID works
A state-of-the-art optical fluorescence technology is utilized by OralID in an effort to make cells that have accumulated in the mouth more visible. It is important that these cells are detected because they could indicate the presence of abnormalities that show the patient to be in the pre-cancer or cancer stages. A Cardinal Dental team member will use a proprietary Oral ID blue light to illuminate the mouth’s interior surface. The team member will ben nick names to call your boyfriend wearing specially designed glasses that will enable him or her to observe the tissue fluoresce as normal cells will be bright (fluoresce) while abnormal cells will be dark. If dark cells are observed, further testing will be recommended. Cardinal Dental group is pleased to have invested in this technology to benefit our patients. Early detection saves lives!

Get yourself screened
More than 43,000 people in the United States will receive a positive oral cancer diagnosis in 2015. You can help yourself to avoid being one of these people by getting yourself screened as soon as possible. There is really no reason not to, especially when you consider that a simple and painless screening can prevent a very serious health problem. It is especially important for people who use tobacco and smokers to get an oral cancer screening because they have a much higher risk of eventually developing this disease. That having been said, non-smokers younger than 40 have seen a dramatic rise in their amount of oral cancer cases in recent years. So even if you do not think you are at risk for this disease, it is still a good idea to be screened anyway.

The Cardinal Dental Group Difference
It is important to visit your dentist regularly to receive an oral cancer screening. Contact Cardinal Dental Group today to set up an appointment, or to answer any questions you have.