Creating good dental habits can lead to better long term dental health. It’s important to develop a good at-home care routine first. We recommend brushing twice a day (2 minutes each time) and flossing once a day. Equally as important are your professional dental cleanings that are needed every 3-12 months depending on the patient’s needs.

Professional cleaning will start by removing plaque and tartar, a hardened, calcified deposit that sticks to teeth, prevents them from being properly brushed, and enables decay. Your hygienist will use a specialized instrument to remove the tartar without damaging teeth. While she removes plaque and tartar, she’ll also inspect your teeth and gums for cracks, chips, decay, and signs of periodontal disease, so that we can recommend additional treatment before it becomes a problem.

After the larger pieces of tartar are removed, your hygienist will switch to using smaller tools that can scrape off minute pieces of tartar and finish by polishing the surface of the teeth to make it more difficult for bacteria to adhere to the surface. All told, the professional cleaning is typically less than an hour, and in that hour, we will be able to prepare your teeth to last another 3-12 months until your next professional cleaning. You’ll leave our office with sparkling clean teeth!

Without the professional cleaning, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to sufficiently clean the plaque and tartar that naturally builds up on your teeth. Eventually, this will lead to decay and periodontal disease, putting your teeth and general oral health in jeopardy. Further, your doctor and hygienist doing the cleaning will have the opportunity to inspect your teeth during the procedure, and will have a better chance of identifying problems quickly before they worsen.

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