There’s a new way to straighten your teeth in Dayton, Texas, and it doesn’t require wires, brackets or pain commonly associated with traditional orthodontics. Cardinal Dental Group is proud to offer MTM® Clear•Aligner -a revolutionary answer to traditional braces.

MTM® Clear•Aligner is a system of clear aligners designed to correct minor gaps or crowding of the front teeth, call the “Social Six”.  How is MTM different than other clear braces you may have heard about? Some dentists offer clear braces which means the brackets are clear rather than metal. Another alternative is lingual braces, which are attached to the back of the teeth rather than the front. Both clear and lingual braces are permanently cemented to your teeth, making brushing and eating difficult.

MTM Clear•Aligners offers you a more functional and aesthetic option to straighten your teeth. Your dentist will customize clear, removable aligners to fit your teeth. These aligners are easily removed for brushing or flossing, so your dental hygiene doesn’t suffer as you straighten your smile. You don’t have to deal with metal brackets and uncomfortable adjustments. As your teeth respond to the first set of aligners, your dentist will make a new set to advance you to the next stage of straightening. This process will continue until the desired effect has been reached.

The MTM® Clear•Aligner system is significantly more affordable than traditional orthodontics. Investment will vary by patient as everyone’s needs are different and your Cardinal Dental Group team will review the investment with you prior to starting treatment. Another advantage of this method of teeth straightening is that it takes less time, in fact most patients see a positive change in their teeth within 3 to 6 months.

Cardinal Dental Group in Dayton, Texas, is excited to offer this orthodontic option to their patients. You no longer have to drive to Houston or another city to get state-of-the-art cosmetic care.

Make this year the year you create that dazzling smile you always wanted. Call us today for a consultation and see if MTM® Clear•Aligner can change your life.