If you’ve considered whitening your teeth, you’ve probably considered or tried over-the-counter products. You should be aware that there are some risks that can be associated with using OTC products and trying the do-it-yourself approach to teeth whitening. While DIY projects can be fun, we don’t recommend this for your dental care.

Teeth can become yellowed and discolored over time which is actually quite common. You may be considering DIY whitening kits as a quick fix to a yellowed smile. But these products may not live up to your expectations and depending on your dental condition, could actually cause harm. These DIY whitening kits are less expensive than professional whitening, and the results are not as good, which means you could end up buying kit after kit trying to get the results you want. Professional grade whitening from your dentist gives you a whiter smile in less time because the whitening solution is much more concentrated and powerful. In addition, Dr. Onemany will know how to properly apply the solution to avoid any gum sensitivity and check to make sure your gums are in good health and there are no other dental problems before your whitening treatment. Neglecting these issues could cause problems to worsen and extremely sensitive gums.

Dr. Onemany customizes the whitening solution to each person, whereas DIY kits offer one level of potency. This could mean that it’s too strong for one person, causing gum discomfort, and not strong enough for another. Your professional whitening solution is customized for your level of stain, oral condition and will ensure the same level of whitening across all teeth.

Professional whitening offers a personalized whitening treatment with minimal discomfort with quicker results. If you have questions about your whitening options or would like to schedule your treatment, contact us today! Smile bright this holiday season!